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Table tennis federation President: it is very urgent to change China's dominant The national team should open the door

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Although is one of the world united beat the Chinese team, but the game still present a one-sided situation. Table tennis in the world, no one can shake China team strength. For this purpose, the international table tennis federation in the competition of "world" at China international table tennis federation President shalala also specially flew to Shanghai. Hint: change a Chinese table tennis in respect of the dominance of it.

In the process of accepting a reporter to interview yesterday, shalala mentioned more than once, and hope that young players from all over the world can have a training opportunities, especially to the training opportunities in China. "The international table tennis federation has to do is to help young athletes grow each association. The challenge, for example, we specially selected Romania Du Dian and Japanese pine flat healthy too, to give these good young players more opportunities." Shalala that it alone is not enough, China needs to undertake the important task of promote the development of table tennis.

Shalala said, for example: "the United States is a traditional basketball powers, if they don't open, the dominant for a long time, so no one is interested in playing with them. Now, the NBA in Spain, Argentina, and even the Chinese players, it is this fusion propelled the development of basketball sports communication. Now, China table tennis handed the responsibility." Shalala said that the Chinese team's training system is not open enough, especially the national team, they should open the door, let more foreign young players have the chance to training.

Before this year's world championships, the Chinese team has sent players to Europe to training; Before there are some international output into foreign league; Ping super league also welcome foreign players to join; China is actively cooperate with the international table tennis federation "a Wolf" scheme. For China's efforts, shalala think, "this is only the first step, is not enough. China has a lot of good coaches, you should let them go out and help develop foreign players and foreign coaches."

As a Canadian, shalala took the country's ice hockey movement for example, "in 1975, ice hockey is Canada strongest. In order to let more countries to participate in, ten years later, we output the coaches and even the core technology. Our coach went to Finland, Sweden, the United States, Russia and China, make a large number of Canada to play for the foreign athletes, at the same time attract foreign players to Canada. Now American ice hockey sport is very good, can compete with Canada. Drive a movement, dare to teach others, do not form their own barriers to protect."

It is understood that the united and China's challenge will be fixed for a long time. PingYu center director of the state sport general administration Liu Fengyan also said that China will gradually open the national second team and youth team's door, welcome foreign players to participate in the training, at the same time, considering the overall introduce the foreign club to join in ping super. China is to fulfil their responsibility, hope in the near future as shalala had hoped "see table tennis has a real sense of the world and China."